Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh Yeah, I Have a 1000 Markets Account

I have officially dissolved my personal website, The Soap Seduction, and have decided to concentrate my efforts on community venues like Art Fire, Etsy, and...1000 Markets! I posted a few months ago that I was going to do the opposite-focus on my personal website. Well, I changed my mind! I personally found it very challenging to promote a personal website in the dawn of these community venues. Driving traffic to my site was my biggest challenge and my greatest defeat. I did everything-I blogged. I linked. I advertised. In the one year I had my website up and running, I only garnered six, count em six sales! I was spending $7.00 a month for web hosting plus the $10.00 annual fee for my domain. My sales couldn't even pay for my site!

1000 Markets is still relatively unknown. I haven't had any sales in the 4 months I've been there, but I haven't marketed my shop either. That all changed when I received an e-mail today saying my shop was added to Dream Mist Land. I'm a little embarrassed because I hadn't updated my shop since before Christmas. My banner and photos all still had holiday themes on them. So I did a little sprucing up! Check out 1000 Markets. It's free to list, but they do collect a fee of 5.5% + $.50 for every sale made. Kinda steep, aint it?


Black Rose said...

Lovely blog and delicious looking soaps!!

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Thanks Black Rose! I love your name. Thanks for following and introducing me to your blog-you've got a new fan:-D

Lenox Knits said...

I have a shop there too but getting no love whatsoever. I am not sure what to do at this point. I don't want to add new items if they are just going to sit there but I know I won't get any attention until I make an effort and get my shop filled. It's a vicious circle. So for now I'm just listing on Etsy and next year I may take 1000 markets more seriously. here is my shop: