Saturday, February 21, 2009

Score This Soap!

This week's score comes from a woman I absolutely envy! Her swirl is genius, and this is true artistry at its best. Sherri's Scents & Soys (say that one real fast 3 times!) offers some of the most gorgeous looking soaps. This is her version of Lemongrass Sage. I love how soap makers can use the same scent and turn out completely different interpretations, and holy crap, she uses 8-11 different oils and butters in her soap! So check out her studio and go score because she's got some real lookers in there!


agoodwitchtoo said...

Wow that is one gorgeous bar of soap! I share your envy :D

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

very nice find! great swirls! I checked out the rest of her shop and there are even more great swirls in there.

Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

My goodness, her work is gorgeous! Her swirls are genious.