Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry KwanChristmakah!!!

(My sister Myia at age 2 and me at age 10 on Christmas morning)

(My sister Myia and I last Christmas-NO FAT JOKES!!!)

Yeah, I made that up, and it's lame, but I'm pressed for time and words! I want to wish everyone the merriest and safest of holidays whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa. Spend this time with friends and family and be grateful what you have instead of dwelling on what you don't. Be thankful for that crappy job because you could have easily been one of the 550,000+ who filed for unemployment benefits last month. So you live in a cramped apartment or house? Guess what? So do I, but it's mine and I don't have to stand in line just to get a hot meal or a warm bed every day. Sometimes we lose sight of our many blessings. We take so much for granted because we've been conditioned to want more STUFF or the latest and greatest. I am so happy to be employed and able to support myself. I'm so thankful that I'm healthy, and I'm able to see and hear and walk and talk. So the next time you're feeling like you have nothing, just turn on the news. There is always someone worse off than you. Count your blessings and rejoice in this glorious time of the year.

I'm off to spend some quality time with my family. I'll be back on Friday to talk about the gifts I've received. Yay!!!! I'm still like a little kid when it comes to Christmas. Peace!

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