Sunday, December 7, 2008

Move Over Etsy...

There's some new sheriffs in town-at least deputies anyway. Let's be frank shall we: Etsy is pissing a lot of people off for a number of reasons. Let's break down a few of 'em:

  1. Flooded marketplace
  2. Sneaky re-sellers
  3. Obvious favoritism: Same shops being featured on front page, gift guides, etc.
  4. Admin having shops and not disclosing that they're admin
  5. Admin just not doing their job of policing the site for breaking the rules

I could go on and on, but Etsy gets enough publicity from their top sellers. I'm here to talk about some up and coming craft venues. I've joined two of them recently in an attempt to hopefully stand out a little more. The first is 1000 Markets. I actually found this site thru a member of EAOC (Etsy Artists of Color.) It's a growing online marketplace for crafters and the look and feel is very different from Etsy. It's much more streamlined and "cleaner" in its overall appearance. I haven't garnered any sales yet, one because I've been busy and haven't been actively promoting it-yet. The second site is called Art Fire. I found this one thru Etsy Bitch. If you haven't visited Etsy Bitch, then you should check it out. This is a site totally dedicated to sticking it to Etsy by calling them out for every thing done or gone wrong. The talk is frank, candid, and admittedly, dead-on. Anyway, Art Fire is really cool because there are two sign up options: The verified and basic packages. There are NO listing/commission fees except for the verified package which is a flat $7.00 a month fee.

It's good to have options. This isn't an Etsy bash post. I like Etsy. I've made many friends thru Etsy, but Etsy isn't the only choice. Check out 1000 Markets and Art Fire to name a few. Maybe you'll find a new home for your handmade goods.


BlossomingTree said...

I opened up shop on Art Fire as well. I have a 1000 Markets shop that I need to add products to. I also have a Shop Handmade store. I'm not trying to spread myself too thin but I'm finding having only an Etsy shop is not working out for me. It's funny you posted about this. I was planning to post about this very subject after my giveaway.

storybeader said...

Hi Patrice - I'm with you: got lots of friends on Etsy, through the Etsybloggers, but 1000Markets ROCKS! I love their setup, and it's a great way to categorize the products. I found you through Blogfire. That's the best thing about Artfire... and their RapidCart!

Oh yeah, I was thinking, can't tell your soap apart from your food! lol All looks so good!