Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well, It's Not A Total Loss

Hey Cool People,

I'm ready to reveal the "Why Didn't I Think Of That" soap. While I'm not thrilled with the results, I'm not totally disappointed either. As you'll recall (if not, read the previous post), I attempted to swirl with pre-colored M&P Soap. Lemme tell you this: Lye is a killer-figuratively and literally speaking. The M&P soap added to my raw soap mixture sank straight to the bottom of the mold, so my soap has a hard, purple-ish layer on top. I'm glad I didn't use "good" oils like olive oil. I would have been thoroughly pissed. What I did use was hydrogenated soybean oil and canola oil. That's it. I used no "hardening" oils like cocoa butter, palm oil, or coconut oil-because I had none-LOL!!! My soap was really soft, almost mushy when I took it out of the mold. I thought it was a total loss, but I shaped it up a little, and it aint half bad. Here it tis. Stay tuned for the next disaster, I mean, project!

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