Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feelin' Spicy!

For some reason I always have it in my head that soaps have to be sweet and/or flowery, but I'm a hot, saucy chick. Why can't my soaps reflect a little of that? Don't get me wrong, I love the fruity, feminine concoctions out there, but there's something about fragrances like ginger, black pepper, licorice, and bay rum that turn me on. Maybe it's the masculinity of these spices or maybe it's because they're so "anti-feminine" (whatever that means.)

I've been inspired to reach out to my inner spice and create some lathers that are "manly feminine." My first creation is something I call Hot, Hot Delivery Guy. It's a heady blend of ginger and lime that I picked up from Daystar Supplies. They call it Ginger Lime, but that's so obvious. This scent is so seductive to me. It's masculine. It's feminine. It's.....different. I haven't tried it in CP soaps yet, but it's very strong in the MP brand I use from SFIC Corp. I'm using an oatmeal base here, and I sprinkled a little silver mica on top for kicks. Smells great on my skin!

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