Sunday, July 27, 2008

It Kinda Looks Like Ground Beef To Me

I've always wanted to try rebatching soap, and I never wanted to be bothered with the hassle, but I've been doing some reading, as I'm constantly in search of knowledge and perfection (I've begrudgingly accepted the fact that I'll never perfect the art of soapmaking.) Rebatching soap is simply melting down CP soap that's already cured or nearly cured, adding more stuff to it (oils, scent, herbs, etc.) and re-molding it. Sounds simple right? Well, not quite. Cold processed soap does not instantly become melt and pour soap once it cures. It's actually a gooey, gloppy mess, but it can be worth it-if it turns out okay.

Well here's a pic of my first attempt at rebatching, and let's just say I don't know whether to fry it up or take a shower with it! It looks like a beef patty to me, so I'm rebatching the rebatch and starting all over. I'll keep you posted on my efforts!

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