Saturday, July 26, 2008

Appearances Are Everything

It's kinda sad that we live in a society where just about everything is judged on appearance as opposed to content or character. This includes persons, places, and things. I'm speaking specifically about being an entrepreneur and trying to attract new business. The way your shop or site looks is just as important as the goods you sell. Packaging is everything! I've bought some beautiful things that were packaged very simply, but I've also bought some crappy things that were beautifully packaged but I was okay with it because it was wrapped in a pretty package.

How do you stand out when you're competing with hundreds of other online shops who make and sell the same things you do? Part of the solution is the packaging-from the colors you choose to the photographs of your products to the descriptions of the products themselves. Since re-launching The Flame, I've been in desperate need of a facelift. You can't make sales until you reel the customer in. I've decided to go bold with the colors and incorporate pics of my candles into my banner and avatar. It worked wonders for my other shop, The Soap Seduction, and I'm hoping for the same with The Decadent Flame. I want to give a special thanks to Jennifer at Studio 71 Design. Her prices are very reasonable and she does fantastic work. She turned blah into "Hey, how you doin?" Thanks, Jennifer!

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