Saturday, March 1, 2008

Etsy Splurges Saturday

It's Saturday, and I have not splurged yet. I am combing the hundreds of Etsy stores for something inspiring that I want to buy but right now I'm feeling "Do I really want that?" Do you ever feel like that? You see something really cute, and you say "Oh, that is really darling, but do I really want or need that for that matter?" Anyway, let's get to the good stuff. I have not yet received my earrings and necklace from loosewirestudio. I think it may be time for a convo. It's been a week today. Sorry, sister, I'm not trying to put you on blast, I'm just anxious, that's all. I'm sure it will arrive shortly.

I have, however, received my Lemon Bars from Noel Delights. Let me tell you: Christie does not dissapoint!!!! I swear I'm going to gain 20 pounds by summer if I keep buying her stuff, but I'm hooked! When my package arrived, it was carefully packaged, on ice, nonetheless. Of course I tore into everything, to get to the goods. Imagine my pure delight when I opened the container and found 6 ample sized squares of lemon-y goodness. Each one is drizzled in white chocolate and calling me: "Patrice, eat me." Yes, as the picture will show, there are only 5 bars left. These bars pack a powerful tart/sweet punch. They are so decadent that a few bites will really satisfy you, but if you're a pig like me, then you'll eat the whole bar. No, Christie is not on my payroll (although I wish I could afford to). I just love baked goods, and she is the bomb!!!

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