Sunday, March 30, 2008

We Have A Winner!!!

Well, the day has come for me to reveal the results of the cupcake challenge! For those of you reading this blog for the first time, I previously posted about my frustration with my M&P soap turning brown when I use fragrances with a high vanilla content. I decided to conduct a little experiment using a vanilla stabilizing additive, a vanilla-stabilizing M&P soap, and nothing at all. Well, we have a winner, and while I'm a little surprised, I'm not surprised at all. The winner of the cupcake soap challenge is.........................the cupcake soap with the vanilla stabilizer added. Thanks Anne-Marie. You were right, but I somehow knew you would be (wink.)

I admittedly used 2 minute cubes (in comparison to the rest of the soap) of white M&P with no additives in the vanilla-stabilizing soap because it was just too transparent for what I was trying to achieve. That could have played a roll in the soap slightly darkening. The plain soap has darkened considerably. It's almost taken on a grayish hue. It's still perfectly good soap, but it's just not as pleasing to the eye as the original. The soap with the vanilla stabilizer added still looks yellow and beautiful after 3 days. I'm most pleased. I'll be using this method from now on. I can still use the vanilla-stabilizing soap for other projects, but just not this one.



OhSoChicBoutique said...

Good afternoon! I'm stopping by via Southern Pleasures blog - and I'll admit, for a moment you had me beliving those were some edible treats! My mouth is watering! I imagine they smell as good as they look!

have a great week/end!

Mocha Girl said...

Thanks for the comment! I sometimes have to remind myself that they aren't edible. I have to remind myself to never craft on an empty stomach:-)

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Wow, your candles look good enough to eat. Keep up the good work :)