Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Big Reveal-Ashy SoapQuick

Well here we are on Tuesday, and I made my soap using the SoapQuick on Saturday, and while I'm not doubled over with joy, I 'm not disappointed either. This particular batch was a personal challenge because I was expecting the worst, yet it didn't totally tank. Notice the top of the soap log has an ashy appearance. That's called soda ash, and it's perfectly harmless. This can often happen when your soap comes in contact with the air while it's still in your mold saponifying. I'll cut that off and neaten it up. My one regret is I wished I used a little more fragrance and some color. This soap is totally colorless. It looks so blah. The soap is still kinda soft and it has a slight sting when I touch my tongue to it. This means my soap is not yet ready for use. I'm now "curing" it by letting it dry out and harden. I don't have a fancy dryer. What I'll do is put it on an unused rack from my oven and store it in my linen closet. I'll rotate the bars every other day so that it will cure evenly. Well, here it is. I'll keep you posted on the final results. Smooches!


Tenisha said...

Girl you need to embrace the ash. I swear it give soaps character. I like them. They have a natural and rustic appeal.

Mocha Girl said...


I was always taught that ash was "bad". I'm slowly learning to accept it though.