Sunday, March 9, 2008

Etsy Splurges Or Lack Thereof

I usually end the week with my roundup of what I found on Etsy, but this week-nada! I have really been in a funk creatively, and I have not been in the buying mood. I can't believe I said that! I think Daylight's Savings is messing with my mind. I particularly don't need an extra hour of sunlight. I am a creature of the night. If I could independently support myself with my crafts, I'd be up creating all night and sleeping all day.

I have not yet revealed the outcome of the SoapQuick project because I'm a little nervous, and I am feverishly trying to come up with some new products. Easter is around the corner, and I am in the lab cooking up something that I hope will turn out half-way decent. I hope to make that reveal by the middle of the week.

Speaking of Etsy, I did make my bi-weekly purchase from Noel Delights. I have not yet received my earrings and necklace from Loose Wire Studios. I convoed her, and she's been ill, so I'll give it another week. My gripe is, as a business person, if you know you are having some difficulties fulfilling an order, wouldn't you contact your client personally before they contact you? I do not know the extent of her illness, but I'm just saying......

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