Saturday, May 16, 2009

Score This Soap!

I don't know what's wrong with me! I've been so lazy this past week and a half, that I don't want to do ANYTHING! I don't want to blog. I don't want to make soap (go figure!) I just want to veg out on my couch. Could I be suffering from burnout? I didn't even feel like doing this post-my absolute favorite! But....I forced myself to do it, and here is this week's score:

I'm going to call it Sea Sponge Soap because it technically doesn't have a name. The actual listing reads "UNIQUE MADE FROM SCRATCH SEA SPONGE SOAP(CR)YOU CHOOSE SCENT" from Soft Shell Body Shop. What drew me to this soap was the fact that the soap is transparent and made from scratch! I just think these soaps are beautiful. I picture getting a bunch of them and putting them in a dish with all kinds of seashells.

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Lanee' said...

you seem to be a pretty hard worker as fart as getting your blog and shop seen and heard as well as producing awesome soaps- maybe you're body is just giving you a 'ppppppft!' right now. we sometimes need to remember that rest is a good thing too- i'm all for naps!