Friday, May 22, 2009

Ooh, Let's Start Some Stuff!!!

I've discovered a new blog to read called On The Dot Creations, and the recent post was "Which Do You Prefer on Etsy...A one-stop-shop or a more specialized shop?" I've always asked this question of myself because I see so many shops on Etsy, Art Fire, Silkfair, etc. where the seller is selling all kinds of stuff: jewelry, soaps, quilts, and handbags all in one shop. Personally, I prefer a more specialized shop where the artist specializes in one thing-say knit or crochet, but then offer hand-knit wash cloths, scarves, cozies, purses, etc. I'm cool with that because they're all knit or crochet. How do you feel about the subject? Do you prefer a specialized shop or a Wal-Mart type of shop?


Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

I like similar items all in one shop so I don't waste time looking at things I have no interest in.

like when I was looking for items for my terrariums I didn't want to see necklaces while I was looking at endless pages of clay items.

maybe it is just me!?!!?

Runako Designs by Dee said...

I prefer similar items in one shop, I agree with Burnt Mills, I don't want to spend time looking at or fishing through things I'm not interested in.

jinx1764 said...

I prefer specialized shops on Etsy/Artfire. Otherwise large variety is good when I'm shopping for supplies and such.

Fresh Bliss said...

Both! In short, "do you!" I'm not going to hate on how someone wants to set up their shop either way. If you're multitalented and you want to express that/sell it/show it, etc, it doesn't bother me either way. It's not taking any more time or effort out of my day if I'm looking for something in particular online and I run across other items that I wasn't particularly looking for. Sometimes I see something cool that may catch my eye in the process. It actually takes less energy to scroll my mouse than it does to walk past towels, hair care, food, etc...just to get to the toilet paper at Wal-mart! So again- DO YOU! It's all love from me!