Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Fire Has Arrived!

I love Art Fire. I can't say it enough! This venue has truly emerged in my opinion as one of, if not, the premiere online craft venue. For weeks members have been hearing about this new "fusion" studio where you could link all of your online stores to your Art Fire shop. OMG, I'm in Heaven! I have totally customized my shop to match my theme of hot pink and black as well as linked my Etsy, Funky Finds, and 1KM shops. Another cool feature is called The Gallery where you can post items that you've either sold or no longer sell to showcase. I could go on and on, but check out my shop for yourself. I'd love some feedback!


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing your studio yesterday and really liking it! That hot pink and black really catches the eye and the studio page is just crisp clean and professional.

I think I'll go browse your shop again!

Amina said...

OMG I love it! Artfire is super Hot now! The only thing I don't like about it is...it makes it easier for me (a starving scholar lol) to spend more money!!!

Unknown said...

I know! I love it too! I'm still working on my customization since I'm busy this with EVERYTHING ELSE but I'll have plenty of time the next 6 weeks to really tweek my shop.

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Anon: Thanks for the lovely compliments and I hope to "see" you again soon:-D

Amina: What would I do without you*-D

Jinx: I'm addicted! I don't know what to play with next. Can't wait til they move out of beta!

Arnita said...

Checked out your page, you got it going on with that one! Loving the funky fresh look. Good luck & congrats!

Creations With Heart said...

I love your "fusion studio" and your hot pink and black theme!
Grabbing your button for my blog! I have a button too, if you'd like one.