Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Listings

Fresh from my mini vaycay in Atlantic City, I was inspired by all the exotic libations I'd consumed. As a result, I have two new soaps that I listed on Etsy: Fresh Squeezed Lemon and Strawberry Passion. Both are bursting with fruit juiciness and are lightly exfoliating. The lemon soap is sprinkled with poppy seeds and the strawberry has, well, strawberry seeds. They're made with my favorite all natural olive oil soap base-no foaming agents or preservatives-just soap. Oh, and notice the hearts-I heart hearts!

Fresh Squeezed Lemon is the perfect kitchen soap because it removes odors like fish and onions from your hands, and the olive oil makes it super moisturizing-BONUS!!!

Strawberry Passion is like a field of fresh strawberries with a touch of vanilla. It's very romantic.

Git on over to The Soap Seduction and git yours!!!!!

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