Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'll Never Buy From This Supplier Again

You know, I hate to publicly dis another business owner, but I'm really pissed right now, and I've got to vent. I'm on a tight budget as I'm preparing for the fall and holiday seasons, and I was in desperate need of some CP soap friendly colorants. I can't even tell you how I found this site (online search? Link from another site?) Anyway, I was flipping through the pages of this site and saw some cute molds and some 1 oz Peacock dyes for $2.29. I quickly scoop up about 10 of those and a couple of the molds. They were well within my budget, and I love Peacock dyes but could never really spare the expense. Anyway, I ordered my stuff on 7/24/08 and I made the payment thru PayPal. I quickly get one of those automated "Thank you for your order" e-mails, and I'm thinking I'll be receiving a "Your order has been shipped" e-mail in 3-5 days tops. NOPE!!!! I happened to be on PayPal checking my recent activity when I see that my payment hadn't even been claimed! RED FLAG #1 !!! DO I cancel the order? Noooooo. I'm pressed! I want my stuff, so I send the chick an e-mail basically asking what the deal is. She doesn't even respond, but she quickly snatches the payment! RED FLAG #2!!! A week has passed by now, and still no contact. Not even a "Sorry for the delay, but I've had a family emergency...," so I send the broad another e-mail on 8/5. Mind you, it's been almost two weeks and still no product! This e-mail goes unanswered or unacknowledged. RED FLAG #3!!! Just as I'm about to dispute this transaction thru PayPal, I get one of those shipment notifications from them alerting me that my order is being shipped with the US Postal Service. That was on 8/8/08 people-exactly two weeks later!!!!

So I'm saying all this to say, I will not ever order anything from Soap Molds N More ever again! There, I've spoken my peace. I need a drink.

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Joanna said...

Thank you for the warning!