Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Autumn Is Coming....

and I'm so overwhelmed!!!! When I officially started my business last summer, I didn't know you had to plan seasonally. Duh!! All the major retailers do it, but I never gave it much thought. I didn't change my product line to reflect that it was fall or winter or spring. I offered the same ol', same ol'. When Halloween came, I had no cute ghost soaps or pumpkin candles. When Thanksgiving came, there were no turkey soaps. When Christmas came, there were no trees or snowmen, and looking back on it, my sales really suffered. Speaking of sales, I had none. I just threw my stuff on a website, and basically said, "Here it is. Take it or leave it!" I wouldn't even consider starting a blog-more work!

Well it's a new year, and I've acquired a lot more business savvy, and I've grown as an artist. I've learned how to take better photos and offer more variety in my products. I'm going to really step up my game this holiday season. So, I put this out there: How do you prepare for the busy fall and holiday seasons?

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sherrieg said...

I'm busy getting ready for a new year of my regular teaching job, along with some Christmas craft fairs. I find I just have to get into that cozy, cold-weather frame of mind and everything else follows! Sometimes it's hard to think about pumpkins and wood stoves when it's beach weather, though!