Monday, June 30, 2008

I've Been Vindicated!!!!

It's just another Manic Monday....Remember that song from the Bangles? Did you know that Prince wrote that? Anyway, the meatloaf soap kinda bummed me out yesterday, so I decided to give it another shot. I changed the formula because I have absolutely no soaping oils in the house so I had to improvise. I call this soap Yahoo for Yuzu. Here's the recipe:
  • 24 oz. hydrogenated soy
  • 8 oz. cocoa butter
  • 10.56 oz water
  • 4.142 oz lye (5% superfatted)
  • 2 oz Yuzu
  • Orange zest dye from Peacock Dyes
  • Silicone loaf mold

(Shout out to Brambleberry for having a handing lye calculator on their site)

I have a confession to make: I do not calculate the temps of my oils and lye. I have had really good success (the meatloaf soap doesn't count) adding the lye straight to my liquified oils. One lesson I've learned is once you've added your fragrance, do not use your hand mixer to incorporate the scent. It could accelerate trace. Simply fold the fragrance in with your soaping spoon or spatula (never metal-wooden or plastic is best). Oh, I forgot to mention that I poured about 8 oz of the unscented raw soap in a separate container. I color that with my dye to create swirls (I have yet to master the art of the swirl, but that's another blog post in itself.)

To make a long story short, my Yahoo Yuzu turned out pretty good. My swirls leave little to be desired, but you will probably be seeing this soap on The Soap Seduction. Here is the final result.

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Anne-Marie said...

The not-measuring-temps thing has been termed "Heat Transfer Method" by Alicia Grosso, author of the Everything Soapmaking Book. She taught that method at Otion last year and all the participants were *so thrilled* to skip that temperature step.

Your soap turned out really nicely. =)