Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Camera, New Me!

My photos used to suck-MAJORLY! Hmm, could it be my camera???? But my HP Photosmart E427 seemed to take decent pics of moi, but it's not the best choice when taking pics of your master creations that you intend to post on your website or Etsy or any other site. I'd tried in vain to make it work, but I couldn't quite get the camera to make my photos pop. Being the broke entrepreneur that I am, I did not have to want to spend the bucks on another camera, but the photos taken with my HP did not do the products justice. What's a gal to do but head on over to Circuit City and pick the cheapest, yet most photo-savvy camera. Let me just say I loathe shopping in stores. I don't like being harassed by sales people, and I just don't like shopping in person. The Internet has corrupted me for life! Anyway, I peruse the one aisle dedicated to digital cameras, but can you believe that there are like six aisles dedicated to DVDs and an entire room, not aisle, dedicated to freakin car stereos.

Anyone who knows me knows two things for sure: I'm frugal, and I'm indecisive. I hate paying full price for anything even if it is to my benefit. And....I'm on a constant quest to find the best-at a low price, of course. I swear I spent about an hour in that one little aisle testing all the cameras when finally I happen upon this little red wonder aptly named the Nikon CoolPix. It had me at CoolPix. I am cool after all, and I tell you I really took a chance on this baby. The battery was dead on the model so I couldn't even turn it on, but it looked so (pun intended) cool, that I had to buy it. It was $139.95 (why don't they just say $140.00). A little more than I was willing to pay (I told ya'll I was cheap,) but I really needed a new camera. I get home and attempt to open the plastic-sealed camera. It took me about 20 minutes just to open the thing, but once I did, it was me and the CoolPix. I never read instructions. It's so much funner (yeah, I said funner) trying to figure it out on my own. The pics were so crisp, so clear. It showed my zits beautifully where with my HP they were slightly muted. Hey, you could even see my stretch marks. I already love-hate this thing.

Well, I give the Nikon CoolPix 4.5 stars out of 5 (because I don't like my zits and stretch marks). The pic on the left is the HP shot. The one on the right is the CoolPix. It's the same soap, same lighting. It's cool.....

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