Saturday, June 21, 2008

Etsy Vs. Website

I've asked this question on one of the many ning forums I belong to: To Etsy or Not to Etsy?That is the question. I currently run a website and an Etsy shop, and to be perfectly honest, I love my Etsy shop much more. It's more user friendly in terms of adding and listing products, but more importantly, I have a built-in audience. The downside is the competition. There are hundreds upon hundreds of soap makers on Etsy who are far more successful than I in terms of sales. I have really put in a lot of effort in the last month trying to revamp and re-build my website. I want to establish a name for The Soap Seduction on its own, but I can't shake the Etsy attraction.

If you're in the same or similar predicament, how do your prioritize? Do you put all your energies in your own website and use Etsy as an enhancement or do you give both equal attention? Which do you promote? Which should you promote? So many questions......

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Anonymous said...

Found this question from a Google search, and I am truly wondering the same . . .

Which is better - A personal web site or an Etsy store? I've been paying a monthly fee for a Yahoo website that I haven't even uploaded to, and it seems that Etsy is way user friendly (to the seller anyways.)

When you have an Etsy store, do you get your own URL? Can you use that website on your promotional items (business cards, etc.). Do you have to pay a monthly fee for having a store? I understand you can purchase advertising, as well, and haven't checked into that.

I, too, worry about the competition from within the site.

Would love any and all feedback!

BTW - My product is hand-crafted jewelry and accessories.