Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Oh how far I've come! Sometimes when I get discouraged, I just look at the old photos and products I made when I first started out. I was known as scentsations by pmh back then. No wonder nobody bought them! They looked like "homemade" crap. From the product itself to the photos. Ugh, the photos! Now, I know some of you may be thinking that this is all subjective, but I can tell you now that these products SUCKED! I think my co-workers took pity on me and just bought stuff to make me feel good.

Melt and pour bars..Oh I thought I was the you-know-what..
I've gotten much more savvy in my scrub-making. Look at the oil just floating on top, lol!

Cute flowers. Awful picture. I would NOT buy this!

A valiant effort at embedding, but, um, NO!

Do you look back on your humble beginnings and marvel at the progress you've made?


randomcreative said...

Yes for sure. The pictures that I took when I first started making jewelry were really bad.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

Fun to look back. You have made big improvements!I think I will have to do a blog post soon and mention this post. I will need to dig way back to find where I started and I know it isn't good, lol

thesoapbargirl said...

lol, this cracked me up. Not only your sarcastic comments about each, but the fact that we've all been there and sometimes cringe at what we've gotten away with in the past! I remember in my very beginnings at a farmers market, a lovely man wanted me to make him a handmade gift basket for his wife, but I didn't have any cellophane or shrink wrap on hand, so what was I to do?? CLINGWRAP! Oh the horror. It looked terrible, all crinkly and well... looked like I just put cling wrap over the top! That man probably threw it out on the way home, and just bought it cause he didn't want to make me feel bad. Oh well, we all learn the hard way sometimes!! haha

Tammy said...

Oh Patrice, I've missed you :)
I love the look back, so fun. I have the very first picture I took right in my current product files, just to look at when I get overwhelmed. It makes me realize how far I've come and where I still want to go.
Sorry it's been so long, I haven't read a blog in at least 3 months-sheesh! Keep up your excellent work and I love the look of the blog.

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

I just love that everyone got a kick out of these pics! I'll have to do a part II really soon.

Tammy! Where have you been?! I've missed you too<3