Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WTF Wednesday: Clothes Are For Humans!

 (It's allergy season, and my eye is a runny mess.)

Before I rip her a new one, I must graciously thank my human mother for allowing me to vent on this blog. While we don’t always see things eye-to-eye, I love her dearly although I don’t always show it. Now, on to the clawing!
I do not like “things” on my luxurious fur. I may just be a cat to you, but my fur belongs to me, and I get warm enough as it is without her covering it with human crap like scarves and sweaters and junk. It's bad enough she makes me wear that damn collar with that stupid bell on it, but I’m hip to the game. If she even comes near me with one of those things, I haul tail! Look at this nonsense she draped around me for this photo. I look and feel ridiculous which is why I refused to cooperate for this photo. Not even the sweet aroma of chicken-flavored treats could entice me to let her tie this crap around me. I’m like, “I’m a cat! WTF….”


Duni said...

Go kitty!
I agree and I totally refuse to 'wear' anything on my fur too - not even a collar!



p.s. I have trained my human well :)

Катерина said...

Your cat has eyes of different colors?
Gorgeous :)

Russ said...

Your eyes are gorgeous. And my dog Claudia is just like you. Put something on her and within a minute she will rip it off. We humans mean well.

Sparkle said...

I'm totally with you on this! What's more, I've never quite gotten the soap thing either, since all I need to get my fur shiny clean is my washcloth-rough tongue! But humans, they seem to want their fancy scents and pretty soaps. I know mine does. It's one thing cats and humans will never quite get about each other.

Anne-Marie said...

Ha ha. This made me laugh this morning. Kitty is not a happy camper!