Friday, February 19, 2010

The Hangover

Blame it on the Goose...I think I was hung over when I made this soap. This was the experiment I alluded to in my last post. It's really not an experiment, but more of a different way of doing things. So, let's talk about this soap: First of all, I made sure I used enough ingredients to fill the top of this mold. Not to get off topic, but then again, you should be used to that by now if you're a regular reader of this blog, but the mold I used happens to be a wooden box I got from White Barn Candles many years ago during one of their after-Christmas sales. That thing had been collecting dust for years before I started making soap, and I only paid about $3 for it!

Getting back to the soap, it's called The Hangover. Why? Because of the scents I used of course, and it just looks like a drunk person made it. What are many bars and bar stools made of? Wood, right? There's a touch of teakwood in it. Now for the drinks! Take two parts Southern Comforts, one part Sangria, and one part Amaretto, and you'd have one hellava hangover, but it is delicious in soap. It's strong and robust and greatly unisex. It is reminiscent of my All Liquored Up soap which was a fluke soap-meaning I won't be able to duplicate it again, but this one I think I can manage.

The colors remind me of New Mexico with it's browns, yellows, and rusted reds or the remnants of a horrible hangover...I really wanted this soap to look like a wild night of partying. I think I succeeded. And look-virtually no alligator texture! Know what I did? I spritzed the top with rubbing alcohol and covered it before putting it in the oven. I didn't realize that a little part of the batch didn't get covered, and wouldn't ya know it? Alligator skin! So, I've rambled on enough, whatcha think?


Atenea said...

Un jabón muy bonito. Besos.

Naiad Soap Arts said...

This soap sounds awesome I love the name and the way it looks!

Amy W said...

Back to the drawing board - it's too beautiful to make me believe you were drunk when you made it! The layers and colors are awesome, and I'm thinking it must smell pretty amazing as well.

Aggie the jaded said...

Scuse me ossifer.....that is sure purdy! :D