Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cafe Mocha Loca and Brett Favre-ing

So Misty and I were on Facebook the other day yapping about our new soaps, and it turns out that she and I made a very similar soap-at least in color, lol. I've been holding on to this coffee-scented soap for a good while because I've been Brett Favre-ing (that's a new TSSism-translation: waffling) about whether I'd actually make a soap with it, or use it to make candles. I know you're probably saying just do both, but you know my mind is sometimes a day late and a dollar short.

Anyway, I made a new batch of my Amaretto Cake Bars, and I made these Cafe Mocha Loca Bars (that's my new soap.) I didn't want to use coffee in this soap, so I used cocoa powder instead to color it. It sort of looks like coffee grounds too. I'm not a big coffee lover, so the mocha scent and the cocoa powder takes some of the coffee edge off.

These are listed in my Etsy and 1KM shops. I have temporarily closed my Art Fire shop because I'm Brett Favre-ing about whether to stay at a "verified" status or downgrade to basic. I haven't made a sale there since December, and frankly, I'm wasting $12.00 a month (should be $7.00 but I won't go there) with zero sales to at least cover my fees. Don't wanna hear you gotta promote, blah, blah, blah. Maybe it's no longer the venue for me. I love all the cool apps they have, but it means zilch if you're not making sales.

 My official Brett-Favre-ing photo

Oh yeah, I'm also Brett Favre-ing about whether to re-launch my own website too? Whatcha think?

ps-Don't forget to enter my custom sticker giveaway. It's free!


kandi-o designs said...

Hey Patrice,
The new soap sounds great! I'm not big on coffee either, but I love the smell.
Artfire, stay or go? I haven't made one sale, so it is hard to justify the $12.00 monthly fee.
Happy soap making, : ) Kandio

yummy suds said...

You always make me laugh...
and I LOVE the pics of the face! :)
That to me is a 'what the hell?!'

This soap sounds delish dahling!

anywho.....I think you're own website is a fab idea! :)

milk and cookeez said...

Now Patrice, Just because the Redskins didnt make it anywhere this year, doesnt mean you should make my guy Brett into a verb. :)
I love my Brett-you didnt know that he is my soon to be Poligamist Husband did you? (BTW cant wait to see this in my google alert!)
The new soap sounds, and looks great! Im really crunching on the Amaretto Cake Bar-Im checking that one out in a minute.

I miss your website! I loved checking it out, I say go for it-sure the sales wont be huge for just a bit, but redirect everone there, it will save you some coin in the end.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

we are so on the same soap making page all the time it is funny!

I don't pay to be on artfire but recently I have been able to have unlimited listings. So you might check into going to the free basic account they might have changed some options on it. Sales are few on that site and I don't see it being worth any $ at this point.

Naiad Soap Arts said...

Ahh - that soap looks so yummy!
You are too cute - and yes stop Favre-ing about the website and go for it! (I do love how he can poke fun at himself though)