Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bitch Post #11: My Chest Is Heavy Enough..

It's time to get some things off of it. Some of my Facebook Fans have already gotten an earful, but I thought I'd share with the general population:) In no particular order:

  1. You can only truly call it Castile soap if you only use olive and no other oils and/or butters!
  2. Soap makers who list a soap and only show the soap in its packaging. Where's the friggin soap?!
  3. Sellers who tell you that they'll leave you positive feedback if and only if you leave them positive feedback first. WTF??
  4. Entrecard droppers who don't drop back. It's common courtesy like saying "Hello" back to someone who says "Hello" to you.
  5. People who contact me about wholesaling my stuff, we work out the terms, I send them the bill, and then I never hear from them again (It's happened to me more than once in the last 6 months!)
  6. People who adopt, buy, or are given pets only to turn around and dump them after they realize that pets are like children-they need love, attention, medical care, etc. This really burns me up!
  7. When someone stops following my blog. It hurts a little. It's like saying, "Ugh, I don't like you anymore..." Yes, I do have a sensitive side, LOL.
I'm done bitching for now. I have lots more to say, but I'll save it for another post...


yummy suds said...

hee hee! And I agree with this bitch post completely!

Do you feel better now? :)

T.Allen said...

I hear ya! *Joins in scowling especially at the animal abandoners*

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Let it rip! (and I'm totally with #7, it always makes me wonder if I offended someone... again... lol)

Janiss said...

Oh! I have to get on my, uh, SOAPbox too about people who don't understand that when you choose to adopt an animal, you are responsible for a living being that you can't throw away like yesterday's worn-out shirt. When I let a pet in my home and life, I consider it a sacred bond of trust, period.

I also liked your gripe about faux Castile soap! And I do want to say I enjoy your blog. I don't know how anyone can bear to use your soap - it looks too pretty to mess up!

RE-Entrepod said...

girllllllll,, gon get it out baby. tell the truf girllll,, I done done it too. remember the begining of the year when I did the no more frienemies ? oh yeah baby, confession is good for the soul oh yes it is. tell the truth, chile tell the truth.

Tammy said...

I love your Bitch Posts Patrice! You always say what you feel-and I love that about you.
As far as the wholesale issue, that is just terrible!!!!!!
I can not believe a person would inquire, order and never follow through-with no explanation, that is just terrible-speaking of which, Ive been wanting to chat with you :) (and you know Ill follow up!)

Dori said...

Loving the bitch post! I know that felt good. As RE-Entrepod said...tell the truth ;-)

Unknown said...

8. A slow Internet connection that drops you offline every two seconds, drives me nutty (just thought I'd add my own bitchin)

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Wow!!! Bitching is therapeutic:)

Thanks everyone for bithcing along with me. Don't you feel a little lighter

Duni said...

Hi Patrice!
#3 - definitely weird.
#6 - yeah, I agree. Too sad for words :(
#7 - don't worry about this one. Sometimes people cancel their blogs and so disappear from your list!

Amber said...

YES! Yes, yes, yes to everything!!! Bitch away. I love a good venting and I always like your opinions on things. :D

Amina said...

#6 burns me up!