Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Comical Soaps

I like soap makers with a sense of humor. There are some raunchy ones out there who shall remain nameless, but there are also some truly hilarious ones too who remind me of, Here are some of my favorite soaps with some of the funniest descriptions ever!

Pedicure by Dirty Sanchez

"imagine thunderdome here... but instead of two men entering and one man leaving, it’s your nasty-ass jacked-up feet versus my totally rad pedicure bar. the opponents face off... the battle rages... the crowd draws a collective gasp... who wins?"

Lonely Loser Soap by SepticSoap

Horses Butt Soap by Krugers Creation

Booger Soap by anniepoo


Da Dude said...

Can I get a case of lonely loser soap? LOL Funny names but the makers names are funny too! I like the Booger soap by Anniepoo.

Nat said...

Lonely Loser, that's a good one, very clever. Now I have that old song "Lonesome Loser" stuck in my head.

Chasity said...

haha, I like the lonely soap, my kiddos would love the booger soap.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

I love the booger one
so cute!

Sharon A. Keyser-Jackson said...

Booger is actually cute. :-)

TiLT said...

LOL! Those are great!