Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do Not Eat This Soap!

Pepper jumped up on my work table the other day after I un-molded this baby and was sniffing hard-to the point where I swear her grubby, little tongue was going to start flickering in and out at any minute. You would have had to call the Human Society on me if she did because it took me forever to make this soap!

I adapted it from this WSP recipe, and I'm pretty please with the results. Apple Pie is my most favorite pie in the world (with sweet potato and lemon meringue running a very close second), and I had planned on making a cold processed version of it, but I wasn't sure if the scent would hold up and I was still toying with a design for it. Thank goodness, I found this one because that cp version would have probably never gotten made.

Without going into a lot of detail (visit the link for all that fun stuff), this soap took me about 3 hours to completely make. I already had mold to make apple/peach slices, so I cheated on that part. The longest and most annoying part of making layered melt and pour soaps for me is the setting up between layers. If you don't let each layer set up firmly enough, your next layer could just seep all the way through and ruin the batch. If you let each layer set up too long, then you'll have an obvious line of demarcation like my last layer. I didn't intend to do that but the finished soap would have been very squat-looking-like a half bar, and I wanted the apple slices to stick out on top so I created a new layer. Anyway, here they are: Pretty Brown Apples: apple pie-scented-with-a-hint-of-snicker doodle topped with brown sugar soap! And yep, they're available now.

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yummy suds said...

I'm thinking I want to eat it! :D