Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Savon d'olive

Enough bitching, let's talk soap! I love, love, love the boutique L'Occitane. Every time I step foot inside of that store, I want to buy it all! My favorite product from them is the Shea Butter Hand Cream. It's like $25 a tube, but you know what? You only need a little bit, and it's worth every single penny in my book! Anyway, getting back to ME, I wanted to make something very L'Occitane-ish. I've searched high and low for a dupe of anything made by them, and it was under my nose the whole time at WSP!

I've never smelled "Olive" before, but after reading the description, "olive, lemon, lime, and lavender...", I was sold. When I opened the bottle, I was instantly transformed to Provence (ok, I've never been to France, but THIS is how I imagine it to smell!) The scent is so fresh and so clean making it perfect for women and men alike. I colored it lightly with green oxide, and I used my cylindrical mold. I finally got a clue and bought a Wilco silicone liner and cut it to size to insert into my mold. I got the soap out in two good pushes. One thing I didn't take into consideration were the markers on the liner. They left these nifty, unwanted imprints on my soap, but I think it gives the soap character.

Anyway, I've decided to use these soaps for a sample box I'm participating in for February. They're bigger than a typical sample, but not quite large enough to sell independently (I think.) Now that I've tested the waters and actually like this scent, I'll be making a larger batch but this time I think I'll make the olive color a little "dirtier" so that it's a brownish-green. I can't get martinis out of my head now...

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Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

I sooo wish I could smell through my computer...I put my nose to the screen and took a good sniff, but to no avail! Love the cylindrical mold and wavy cut :)