Saturday, December 5, 2009

A New Lavender Soap

I have a confession to make: I don't like lavender. Well, I don't like straight lavender. When mixed with another fragrance, I can tolerate it. A very good friend of mine who's from Dominica (please don't call her Jamaican-she'll kill you!) is in love with lavender. She pronounces it la'venda. It brings a smile to my face each and every time. I decided to give lavender another shot, but I could not make a straight lavender soap. I'm going to catch hell for this, but it's too "grandmotherly" for me. I needed to punch it up a bit, so I added some orange and ginger essential oils to it. While it's still primarily lavender-scented, I don't get that EWW feeling when i smell it. I'm actually loving this one. I forgot to mention that the lavender is also an essential oil. I'll be reserving one of these for my la'venda-loving girlfriend.


Theresa said...

Grandmotherly...lmao. I have to admit I'm not a fan of Lavender on it's own but with the ginger and orange that sounds delicious.

BlossomingTree said...

LOL add me to the group. I'm not a big fan of straight lavender but I can appreciate it blended.

yummy suds said...

agreed. I like lavender with vanilla and lemon is a good one too.
I love the lavender on top! I love this!

Carole said...

Count me in also as someone who doesn't care for straight lavender either - I'm surprised so many like it - it is kinda weird smelling I think - but your choice of scents to mix with it sound great.

Monica said...

The soap is precious, spectacular, I love it. As well as to you, the smell of lavender I like if mixture it with other essences.

El jabón es precioso, espectacular, me encanta. Al igual que a tí, el olor de la lavanda me gusta si lo mezclo con otras esencias.

Nat said...

Your lavender/orange/ginger sounds nice! Pretty, too. I don't care for straight lavender either. I usually add a sweet scent with it, like vanilla.

Barrs By The Bay said...

this soap looks beautiful, and i love the little la'vanda babies too! :) and yeah, i detest the smell- but peeps like it for some reason, so i make it too... and im a gramma! go figure!
hope you have a great week patrice!

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Oils and soap said...

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