Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yes, I Got Off My Lazy Butt And Made Some Soap!

Happy October! I'm so glad September is over because it's just a dreaded month for me (another day, another post.)

I finally made my first batch of soap in over a month, and I call it Chick Magnet. It's a blend of bay rum and lime essential oil, and I have to tell ya, I'd personally use this one myself even though it's very obviously masculine. I've always loved masculine scents. They're incredibly sexy and, well, manly. Anyway, here it is. I made this soap very simply with rice bran, palm, and coconut oils, along with cocoa butter.

I'll be back later this week with another soap reveal, and a product review!


SwanRiverStone said...

Hmmm Bay Rum and Lime oil..sound interesting.. better what it if you're using might get a whole new level of fan base LOLOL!!!

Congrats on making Front page..about darn time lol.. Lucky so and so;-)

Monica said...

Very nice your October SOAP, I also love the male aromas. You do some wonderful soaps.