Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stone Love

Oh about a month and a half ago, I made this soap that I called Indian Summer. It was okay, but as it cured, the beautiful jewel tones began to fade and ashen. I was not feeling it, but it was perfectly usable soap.

Before the makeover

Then a light bulb came on! Make a huge soap ball, but make it pretty. Let me tell you: I sliced this soap up with a potato peeler, then shaped it by hand to form the perfect orbs you see before you. After I let them set, I then dry-brushed them with various colors of mica to make them shine and glisten like aquamarines, citrines, and pink turquoise. Big difference huh?


Laquita said...

Very nice - you are so creative :o)

Monica said...

The soaps are precious. I looked at every day on your blog to see your creations.

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Thanks Laquita and Monica. You're two of my favorite bloggers:)

The Copper Cauldron Soaps said...

Argh! Dontcha just hate watching as a batch of soap transforms from beautiful into... well... not so pretty? Silly FO's.

But I love how you took lemons and made lemonade. Or in this case, soap balls. They look great and I adore that touch of mica :)

Yummy Suds said...

you are amazing! You've inspired my creative juices :)

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

Beautiful soaps. Those rounds soaps resemble donut holes. Looks to delicious. Yumm.