Monday, September 21, 2009

My Candle Mojo Is Back!!!

I've been "playing around" with the various types of candle waxes for months trying to find my niche, and nothing seemed to pan out. I'm a whiz at making those whimsical pie candles, but I wanted to validate my talent by making "real" candles like those fancy container and pillar-shaped ones. I sucked majorly at it. I could never get an even pour with my pillar candles, and I kept getting sink holes. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, until I discovered SOY WAX!!! I loves me some soy wax for so many reasons. It's all shredded up and soft. When it spills, it cleans up nicely and easily. And most importantly, I get a nice, even pour. I admit, I got a small sink hole on a few of my candles, but I poured the wax too hot, and I was able to quickly remedy it with my heat gun (None of my current offerings have sink holes).

I'm going to stick with my new eco-friendly soy candles. They hold scent like a dream, and I love the creamy appearance of them. I don't use any color to detract from the beauty of them. I've got them burning all over the house now! Aren't they cute?


Pattie said...

Happy you fixed your problem!
Now I just need to go and check out your sents :)

MzCJA aka IttyBitty said...

Awesome! One day I may try candle making, but no time soon. *lol*

Roschelle said...

I love candles. Whether I'm in the "mood", reading a book, relaxing after work or cleaning like's just something about the pleasant aroma. I know I'd never take the time to make any but I do enjoy them.