Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm A Glutton For Damn Punishment!

Remember a couple of months ago I lamented about this damned soap? I ended up calling it The Damn, Damn, Damn Lemon Chiffon Soap?'s baaack-bigger and better than ever! Who knew it would be such a hit?! I call these The Big Damn Lemon Chiffon Soap!

This time I made a 3.5 pound batch of it, and I colored the center yellow so that it would have some yellow in it. I didn't scent that part in hopes it will stay yellow, but we'll see. It smells like a slice of lemon pound cake. I mixed in some poppy seeds. I've upped the ante in the moisture department too. These bars are packed with cocoa butter and mango butter-just in time for cooler days ahead! These babies will be ready mid-September. I expect these soaps to be damn-near black when they're cured...LOL.

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kate said...

They look good enough to eat!!!