Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Food Soap? Yup!

As I slowly (and I mean slowly) transition from using less fragrance oils to more natural essential oils and additives in my soaps, I found this easy peasy, yet initially intimidating, recipe on Soap Queen's blog from Amanda at Lovin Soap. It's a carrot soap made with pureed carrots-baby food to be exact! Whoda thunk?!

This soap is completely unscented and I can't do the math to save my life, but at least 87% natural (minus the lye). This was also my first time using buttermilk, and I was really nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Because milk contains natural sugars, lye can scorch or burn the milk causing a stinky, ugly disaster in your finished product, so I froze it and let the heat from the lye naturally melt it. The baby food (pureed carrots and water only) was added to the lye mixture before mixing with the oils. The pictures don't really do the color of this soap justice, so I'll shut up and just show you the project in pictures from start to finish!

Frozen buttermilk
Doesn't have to be organic, but it's an added selling point:)

Baby food added to my lye mixture. Baby food stinks by the way...

Baby food lye mixture added to my soap oils

Set up and swirled to perfection before CPOP'ing (That's cold processed/oven processed)
Voila! A beautiful loaf of carrot soap:)


Holly said...

Gorgeous! I've made a few batches of carrot and milk soaps and they are always my favorites. You're going to love it/sell it all! :)

Rose said...

How neat! I never would have imagined that you could make soap with baby food as an ingredient.

miscellanea said...

World of Wonders! Soap with baby food. Georgeous.

Tee-iabo Designs said...

Girl, I thought this was one of your quirky, zany post. I did not think you were for real! I've heard it all now! Making soap with baby food...go figure! Very creative I must say. I wish I could be there to smell it.


Natasha said...

OOOOOhhhh, very nice!! How does it smell? Like anything? On weekends I sell at a Health Food Store and I need to have a!s many organic, veggie, unscented, type soaps. I am also trying to use more EO's rather than FO's, but let me tell you it's tough! Hmmmm, I am going to try this one! Thanks again!

Amandakn said...

Just curious if you have ever tried or heard of anyone trying Baby food beets in their soap?