Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Evolution of Chai!

Like my hand-drawn tea cups? lol...

Chai tea is one of those scents, like coffee, that I absolutely love the smell of, but can't stand to drink the stuff! Chai tea is also one of my all-time favorite soap fragrances. It's spicy and exotic with universal appeal. Women and men dig this scent because it's not floral or girly, and it's not manly either. With that being said, I've already made and sold two successful batches of Chairiffic, and they pretty much look the same. I added some black tea to my lye solution to give it color, but I was stuck with an entirely brown soap.

This time, I wanted a different look. I was inspired by a post Amanda from Lovin Soap did a few months ago where she made chai tea soap in little paper cups and sprinkled cinnamon powder on top. How freaking clever was that?! Well I aint that crafty, but I used her creative genius to give Chariffic a makeover, and Voila!

Chairiffic Numero Uno

Chairiffic The Second

A deliciously-scented mini slab of chai tea soap with foam and cinnamon and a few droplets of Tahitian vanilla. I'm in looooooove!


Dörte said...

i like Tee and your Soap!

liebe Grüße

Anne-Marie said...

Aww, I love the tea cups! They turned out great. Way to take the idea and put your own spin on it =)

Cocobong Soaps said...

Love it by far! The new Chairiffic looks chairiffic, the brown is just right and the creamy white top sets a nice contrast