Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shop News

I started a new job a month ago, and just as I was getting into the groove of things, the entire network we use for our daily operations was completely changed which means I have to learn everything all over again...As a result, I've been working late hours and weekends, which I am not happy about, but thank God I have a job! Okay, so that explains why I haven't made anything new, listed anything new, or have been on Facebook.

I've also been doing a lot of heavy thinking about the shop, and I've decided to do a complete overhaul of the shop. I want my product line to be streamlined and simplified meaning there will now be dedicated scents for each product, as well as seasonal scents. I'll be discontinuing almost all of my glycerin-based soaps, and turning a few into cold or hot processed soaps. Why? Soap bases are expensive, and frankly, they aren't big sellers for me. For what I pay for a 24 pound block of soap, I could buy 4, seven pound jugs of soaping oils which yield me at least 7-8 batches of cold or hot processed soap.

I've also made the decision to discontinue my Sugar Bubbles. These, too, are made from a base, and while they were great sellers for me in the beginning, they aren't so much any more. I sell more of the samples and sample packs than my standard 8 oz version, and again, it's just not very cost effective for me. While the current way I make them may be going away, I'm thinking about keeping them around in a 4 oz version using my own formula-no base. The feel and texture would be similar to my emulsified scrubs except there would be no added shea butter (Mama D-see I am thinkin' bout ya<3) and there would be the addition of a gentle surfactant to create the bubbles, but I'm awaiting feedback from my testers to see if it will be a go...or not.

I'm also strongly thinking of discontinuing my lubes. I personally love this product, but I'm disappointed in their sales performance. I will be bringing back my Sticks-O-Butta but they'll have a new name which I will not reveal until they're ready for sale. I changed the name because I recently discovered that another fab bath and body maker  has a product with the very same name. I was horrified, but she claimed it first, so I've conceded... For those of you who don't know about this product,  these are my 2 oz, swivel sticks made with shealoe, cocoa, and now mango butters. It's my triple threat to combat those dry, scaly patches.

Lastly, I owe my Facebook fans a giveaway. It's coming. I promise. I just need to get through Hell Week at work, then I'll be back on my daily soap grind. Til then, take a look around the shop as you'll have too anyway if you're participating in the giveaway, LOL.........


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