Monday, March 7, 2011

A Facial Soap

I'm really reluctant to call this soap a "facial" soap because it implies that it's only good for the face-because it isn't! But I did make this soap specifically for the face. I'm not an esthetician or dermatologist, but I know what my skin likes: gentle, slightly moisturizing cleanser (I say slightly because I have sensitive yet acne-prone skin-WTF?) with some beneficial ingredients.

I love this soap if I do say so myself. It's made with 90% olive oil and 10% coconut oil. I scented it in eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils because they're both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial-just what my fickle skin needs-especially now that it's getting warmer. I swirled it with French red clay which is another natural detoxifier and exfoliator. French red clay also draws excess oil and impurities from the skin so if you have dry to very dry skin this soap may be a little much. The fragrance is light yet botanical like you'd expect an essential oil-scented soap to smell. It'll be in the shop by week's end:)


Holly said...

That soap looks really nice. I have the same type of skin. It's so stubborn!

Amy Warden said...

Sounds fabulous! I like the red clay swirls too! Facial soap is such a tricky thing to make. My skin has gotten so much dryer as I get older. It really likes goat's milk soap!

P.S. My daughter just came in and saw the photo of your kitty cat. She said, "Such a pretty kitty!!"

Anonymous said...

Patrice - I have been MIA in my studio....Love the new blog look!!!! You are just too cool!

Feli said...