Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I’d like to interrupt my regularly-scheduled post to wish everyone who visits this page daily, weekly, monthly, or randomly a very Merry Christmas-even if you don’t celebrate or believe in “Christmas.” To me, Christmas isn’t about giving or receiving gifts (although I must admit it’s a nice perk), but it’s about celebrating the life of Christ-Jesus Christ. I believe in Him. I feel His presence around me daily and not just this time of year. It’s because of Him that I’ve endured through some of the most painful periods in my life, and I attribute that to my faith-not luck or wishful thinking or the love of family and friends, but my faith in the Lord. So, I leave you with this:
Every day and every year we live, we are given another chance to do something, say something, and/or be something that we didn’t do before.  When our actions are positive, unselfish, and for the benefit of others, we are rewarded tenfold.  So say a sincere prayer this Christmas for yourself and others, look back on 2010 as a learning experience to improve upon, and step out on faith in 2011 -- you will not fall or fail. 

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Jabón y agua said...

I'm late for Christmas but I wish you Happy New Year.