Sunday, November 21, 2010

Are You Ready???

I personally don't feel the holiday "rush" until the day after Thanksgiving. That's when every retailer starts baiting and reeling us with their awesome deals, and I'm no different, heehee...

So, I'm telling myself that I'm going to be prepared this time because I always wait til the last minute (like the day before) to do stuff. I made a little list, and I welcome you to add to it because I know I'm bound to forget something..

  • Order sufficient supplies: mailing envelopes and boxes, packing tape, ribbon, tissue, etc.
  • Inventory! Inventory! Inventory! I cannot stress this enough. If you're hyping a soap then only discover you have 2 in stock, well,....
  • Business cards: Some feel this isn't necessary, but 1 in 3 of my orders are from new customers, so I feel it is a crucial part of my repeat business and my branding (love those Moo cards by the way...)
  • Labels, ink cartridges, label paper: This is one of those things that you can completely forget about til you print off a logo or shipping label and it's all faded because your ink cartridges are low or out!
  • Bottles, jars, tops...: No explanation needed-except to say, do an inventory!
  • Contacting your mailing list subscribers: Whet their appetites a few days to a week before your actual sale to get them thinking about it, then send them another one the day before to remind them!
  • Make sure your shop announcements and policies are clear and precise and that all your sales and specials features are in place (free shipping, bogo, % off, etc..)
 Okay, what else did I forget? This list seems short, but I know there's more!

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Amy Warden said...

Great list! I would add - have plenty of samples to send with the packages. Best wishes to you - sell lots!