Friday, March 12, 2010

Get The Bomb Lips!

I am fiendish when it comes to lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick… My lips are perpetually dry while the rest of my face is perpetually oily. Go figure! Anyway, I love lip balm. I probably own a dozen different brands from Avon to the various handmade Etsy delights. The one that I avoid like the plague is Chapstick. That stuff is awful. It has camphor in it which dries out my lips making me apply and re-apply and re-apply. I offered lip balms before and called them Lip Lushes. They were a little too glossy for my personal taste when the goal was to create a “balm” that moisturized without sliding off when you so much as opened your mouth.

  Lip Lushes-Peace......

Finally, I’ve discovered a lip balm formula that’s not too grainy or too greasy. The key (duh) is not to overheat your ingredients. Anne-Marie over at Brambleberry has a great video tutorial on making your own lip balms. So, I went back to the lab and decided to go with a tube as opposed to the slide tin. The weather is getting warmer, and there’s nothing worse than a pocket or purse oozing with scented lip goo. I also decided to go with the oval-shaped tube instead of the standard tube. If it tips over, it won’t roll away! I really love my labels-a big shout out to my graphic designer (like she works exclusively for me lol) Jen at Studio 71 Designs
With the launch of a new product comes a new name: Lip Bomb. I don’t really pronounce balm as “ball-m” but “bomb” so why not name it such? Besides, it explodes with scent and flavor. These balms are unsweetened, but the flavors are so intense that your mind thinks they’re sweet. I’ve got the old standbys: peach mango, cherry, cherry cola…but there are also some new additions: chocolate, pear, and almond biscotti. Of course the names are cheeky.I haven't listed them yet because I'm still playing with the finish of the labels: I'm torn between solid white (which I did not photograph)  and this "sheer" finish. I'm loving my new lippies!


Holly said...

I bet they are just awesome! I really love the oval tubes.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

love the oval tubes as well! and that cherry cola sounds like my kind of scent

Anne-Marie said...

Cute cute - and I love the 'explodes with flavor' tie in with Bomb; totally clever =)

Babes Mami said...

I like the oval tube, gives it a different look And I had NO IDEA about Chapstick! Good to know

adrienne said... that's their secret? Camphor? I thought I had really dry lips despite drinking over 80oz of water a day. Thanks for the tip.

I don't know about the label. I like the clear one cause you can see what's inside but I like the idea of a white label too so the label design pops.

Anyway, congrats on expanding.

SLColman said...

Very cool!

Duni said...

I love the name 'lip bomb' and I can't live without lip balm either. You're right, those drugstore chapsticks are awful, making my lips feel even worse.
You lip bombs look yummy enought to eat :)

RE - Entrepod said...

ooh myyy lip bombs she says..
welll, where are those lip bombs so we can put them to the test. you know we favor lip balms over lip stick for the vitamin e and emollients. plus the taste is usually much better.

so post a lil info on the Bombs why don'tcha ??